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Must Buy Products from Green Smoke

Green Smoke, one of the leading brands of e-cig all around the world is now available with all necessary and related accessories of electronic cigarettes. The products are attractive and at the same time they are affordable for all classes of customers. If you like to have your favorite accessory from a wide range of collection, then Green Smoke will be a wise selection. One of the most important thing is almost all accessories are now at a discounted price.

Review of Green Smoke Accessories

From all the necessary accessories some of them will be reviewed here. The box wall adapter is available with a 12V outlet. The e-cig will be recharged within 2 to 3 hours by this adapter. The adapter is compatible with car outlet too. This will allow the users to vape without any tension.

The 5-pack soft tip which is disposable in nature is also available at a very accessible price. This rubber tip will allow the customers a more hygienic vaping experience. This rubber tips are very stylish and at the same time it is enhancing the easy vaping.

Moreover, Green Smoke Sparkle is a very stylish carrying case of this brand. The portability and functionality of the Sparkle carrying case is undoubtedly one of the best in the e-cig market. It holds the batteries and cartomizer at the same time. It is available in black, silver and green color.

It has got leather case and High Powered Home Adapter too. The high power adapter will let you recharge the batteries within the shortest possible time. This leather case is able to hold 3 cartomizers, 1 USB charger, and 2 Green Smoke Batteries.

In all the above mentioned accessories GreenSmoke have got different range of Greensmoke coupon code services. The leather case is available at a discount of $5.95. In addition, in all other accessories there are minimum 10% discount to bring the price within the customer’s budget. Alongside the GreenSmoke coupon code options there are reward points services of Green Smoke as well.

17 Aug 2014

Beginner Safety Tips When Using Halo Cigs and Blu Cigs

Are you a beginner vaper and is scared to start vaping because you still don’t know that much? If you’ve picked up an e-cig from a brand like Blu cigs or Halor cigs, then it’s pretty easy to use, everything is in the manual and you will not have a hard time using it. These brands made sure that your transition to E-cigarettes will be easy and you can even begin vaping by just taking the E-cig out of the package and puffing into it. However, just to be sure that you are getting into the right track, here are some beginner safety tips for you to follow. All you have to do is to follow these tips and you’ll be able to vape without worry! Enjoy!

Tip #1: Know when to change your flavor cartridges
Your flavor cartridges contain E-liquid that turns into the smoke like vapor that you enjoy. But the E-liquid wont last forever and determining when the E-liquid is gone and when it is time to replace your flavor cartridges is something that you should know. The most obvious sign is a “burnt” taste caused by the dry-heating of the wicking material. This won’t escape your notice because it isn’t pleasant. If you experienced this, stop vaping as soon as you can, unscrew your battery and flavor cartridge and the replace your flavor cartridge with a new one. You can also determine that your E-liquid is running law by a reduction in vapor production and a lack of flavor.

Tip #2: Know when to charge your batteries and how
Just like any other electronic device, your E-cigarettes will need recharging from time to time. You need to know when your battery is getting low because it is important not to drain your batteries. An obvious sign of your battery getting low is the decrease in vapor production, E-cig brands such as Blu cigs and Halo cigs also made it easy for you to determine whenever your battery is low by allowing the tip of the E-cigs to blink continuously when the battery is low. So again, unscrew your battery and flavor cartridges and put the battery in the right charger (be it a wall charger, usb charger, car charger or a power cig). When I say “right” charger, you should only use chargers that are made by the manufacturer and not any other USB cables or your ipAd chargers. This will lower the risk of your E-cigs being harmed. Important notice when charging is as much as possible, do not undercharge or overcharged your batteries. Around 1-3hours is the perfect charging time.

Tip #3: Storage tips
Keep your battery away from extreme highs and lows of temperature, and don’t keep it in a moist environment like your kitchen or bathroom. Aside from a risk of damaging components, exposure to harsh environments will reduce the capacity of your batteries. You’ll be surprise that will drain faster as time passed by. It’s also better if you invest in a carry case or a portable charging case to really protect your E-cigs from any harm or from touching other metals.

So those are some beginner safety tips for you. Now you are so ready to start your vaping journey! Accept this welcome gift from our friends at they are some great Blu and Halo E-cig coupons you can use along the way. Enjoy!

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04 Jul 2014

How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You on Your Job

vapingatwork How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You on Your Job

Need another reason to finally quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes? Your job!
Studies show that smoking affects your job position in many ways which will talk later elaborate in this article. As a dad, we have the obligation to work hard and support our family. Would we risk to lose our source of income because of smoking? Definitely not. So switch to electronic cigarettes today! E-cigarettes offer smokers the best of both worlds. They can give smokers the same look, feel and taste of smoking regular cigarettes as well as the same nicotine they are taking and they are also without smoke, ashes, nasty smell and lots of illness that comes with it. There’s really nothing to lose and so much to gain with electronic cigarettes.
Still not convince? Then let us talk about how real cigarettes are ruining your job.

Hindrance To Be Hired
Ever wonder why you have been looking for a job for so long now but you are still not being accepted? Then maybe you should first take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what’s wrong with you. Well first, because you smoke, your teeth are probably yellow and lips are dark. You may think that it is discrimination but it’s the truth. Survey shows that a lot of interviewers get distracted on a person’s teeth or lips on interviews up to the point that they dont care what the interviewee is saying at all. Also, did you smoke before the interview? You probably did. And for sure you smell like an ashtray because it is what it is. cigarette smoking leaves nasty smell that sticks to your clothes and your body. No matter how much perfume you put in you, you cant totally covered the smell and this smell would probably annoyed the interviewer. Furthermore, Some companies in the US even ban the hiring of smokers, we will be telling the reasons why below.With electronic cigarettes, you’ll get a totally improved hygiene. It has no tar therefore your teeth would be white again and your lips will be smooth. There’s also no foul smell as E-cigarettes dont have any scent at all.

You May Lose Your Current Job
Smoking is not conducive to employment. As the job market has gotten more competitive than ever, companies are looking for healthy and fit employees with high productivity too. As we all know cigarette smoking can cause many illness and this is why many companies in the US treat cigarette smokers as a liability. They can potentially have more health issues and it will cost them money paying for their health insurance. They can take sick days off and spend more time out of work due to illness. They tend to smell nasty and this can be distracting to other employees especially if they are non smokers. It is also proven that smokers has lesser productivity rate because they tend to have so many little breaks to smoke. And we know what people do with liability, cut them off. Many companies are now doing a reward system where in they offer cash bonuses and paying for the alternative smoking cessation of their workers just to help them quit smoking. And if all of this still doesnt work, then they fire their employees. There are also many companies who already put a smoking ban in their office premises and they have actually received a positive reaction to it having many employees being grateful for it. while others are insisting that it is a discrimination. What smokers can do is to quit smoking and switch to E-cigarettes. With E-cigarettes you’ll be healthier because it doesnt contain any of the thousand chemicals and toxins that traditional cigarettes have. It can also increase your productivity because with it, you dont need to go outside just to smoke. You can vape in front of your computer without offending anyone because it doesnt produce any smoke.

Apollo Cigs Coupons (UK)

Another great thing about electronic cigarettes is that it is cheaper than traditional cigarettes. So it does not only let you keep your job but will also allow you to save money. According to surveys, you can save as much as $2000 per year by switching to E-cigarettes. And we haven’t compute the savings yet using electronic cigarette coupons like these Apollo Cigs Coupons (UK). By using these coupons, you can get further savings for as much as 50% off.

19 Mar 2014

V2 Cartridge Tips To Ensure Long Lasting Enjoyment

v2 cigs review 26 V2 Cartridge Tips To Ensure Long Lasting Enjoyment

If batteries are the brain of Electronic cigarettes, then cartridges are probably the heart of it. Having a great cartridge is important to have an awesome vaping experience so you need to choose the best cartridge around. Your electronic cigarette cartridge should be made of high quality materials that would prevent any kind of leaking. it should also withstand some pressures and would not easily break. All of these are important but to get maximum value out of your cartridge, it’s also critical to handle them with care – through correct usage, proper storage and other measures that would make your vaping enjoyable. Here are some tips on how you can do that with your V2 cigs cartridges. Read on.
1. When not vaping, it is best practice to unscrew your V2 cartridges from your battery and store it somewhere safe. It is best to invest in a V2 cigs carry case or a portable charging case to handle and protect your v2 cigs cartridges. Where would you possibly put it anyway aside from an electronic cigarette case right?
2. Unlike traditional cigarettes where you are obliged to used up all the cigarette stick, you can switch v2 cartridges anytime you want even if it still not empty. So seal the cartridges with the original sealants when you want to switch so that you can use that cartridge again without any dust or particles going to it.
3. Keep your V2 cig cartridges in a dry and cool place. Do not leave it in your car under the sun because extreme heat will damage it. If the temperature is really hot during summer, then you place your v2 cigs in the door of your refrigerator. Just make sure that before you use it and put it together with the battery, you will warm it a little as if it is cold, it will also damage the batteries.
4. Use up and empty each v2 cartridges within one week of opening for maximum freshness.
5. It is best to invest with a drip trip whenever you are refilling your v2 cartridges. This make sure that refilling would be easier and there will be no leaks.
6. Take just enough puffs and the right kind of puffs. The right kind of puffs is a long slow drag. Puffing to many small and fast puff would ruin not only your cartridge but also your batteries.
7. When smoking traditional cigarettes, you can leave the stick in your mouth between draws and even talk with it in your mouth. Avoid this with your electronic cigarettes as it may cause liquid seepage. Natural breathing may cause liquid to be pushed from the liquid cartridge to battery which could cause damage to your V2 cigs.
8. Check how much puff you are making to make sure that you are not over emptying your V2 cartridges. You doesnt need to count each and every single puff you made, however, just estimate it and feel if your E-liquids are already running out. You should not over empty your cartridges and should change whenever E-liquid is low. This is because the last few E-liquid would taste different and you would not enjoy vaping.
9. Stop using if there’s already a burnt taste in your v2 cigs cartridges. This means that you are way beyond the limit of the E-liquid content of your cartridge and you are probably already burning the cartridges as you puff. You cannot use this V2 cigs cartridges again for refill as it will just carry the burnt state over the refill.
10. Last but not the least, to get enjoyment with your v2 cartridges, you should save money when buying it. So make sure to use V2 cigs coupons in each of your cartridges purchase. Use this v2 coupon @ to get instant discount when you buy your v2 cartridges. Noe everything is perfect and you are ready to enjoy vaping!

19 Mar 2014

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Welcome to this is our very first post and we would like to start our site well by giving you the gift of electronic cigarette coupons. We’ve contact our friends at to provide us with electronic cigarette coupon codes and promo and they gladly agreed. Here are some awesome E-cigarette coupons for you (Note that there are more in so head over to their site today).

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But before we go, here’s another story of a dad – like me – and how he transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. This is a must watch video that all smokers would watch and I’m sure that after they watched this, they would instantly switch to E-cigarettes.
I was instantly touched by the video when he said that his father died because of lung cancer cause by smoking cigarettes. And the final straw that really made him switched is when his friend told her that their six year old daughter has lung cancer acquired through second hand smoking because his friend and wife – parents of the child is a serial smoker. He would never want this to happen to his children so he switched.
How about you? Would you wait until someone die or be sick in your family before you stop smoking? Would you wait until your body is totally weaken by cigarettes? Dont let this happen. Switch to electronic cigarettes now.

15 Mar 2014